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Practical Dog Training

My name is John Armata.I've been training dogs for over thirty years.

I believe most of my success comes from my ability to think like a dog,which, in turn, comes from observing dogs.

Rehabilitation is probably a more suitable word for the work I do with dogs, as I am often contacted as a last resort before a dog's fate is decided. Therefore, my work ranges from training puppies to handling aggressive dogs. I have not come across a dog problem I can't handle and I am often contacted a day or two after a household visit to be complimented on the work I did. This is the most rewarding part of my training experience.

I love working with dogs so much that it is often hard to think of it as a job.

With my own dog pack, mostly Alaskan Malamutes, I have given many clinics ranging from basic dog obedience to Dog Sledding and Ski-jouring.

My dogs have competed in obedience matches and scored very high, despite the belief that Malamutes are difficult to train!